Ewa Malijewska 1977

Lives and works in Rotterdam

2002-2007 Royal Art Academy, the Hague Year of graduation 2007

My art grows out of disagreement on nothingness and absurdity of existence. I perceive the whole life as well as myself as a kind of fiction. We need to have some story to survive a day, to get through the existential fears and metaphysical anxiety. I need the world of dreams to come in unity with my existence.

My paintings are abstract landscapes, a tangle of strokes and lines. A visualization of living, pulsating matter, entangled with countless directions. Language of my sensitivity is full of meanings and undefined, that`s my way of sharing with what personal. Process of painting is an inner dialogue. It`s a self notation, the most intimate, almost embarrassing self-ephitet. It is a confrontation the Unknown, Speechless, Nameless.

My graphics are magical theatre of absurd, full of dashed feelings, mocked desires, gestures of brazen domination, frowns and stifled sobs. Painting, graphics, is a natural form of portraying myself: I present what I carry, what makes me happy or miserable, what is countable and what cannot be measured. I reveal the space to which I come back, in which I hide and find myself.